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    Little did we care that people were around us, but only kisses were not enough to satisfy our desire. I lowered my hand from his neck to his crotch, I slid it softly by that blue shirt. It was as hard as the column on which we were leaning, I was dying to kneel but unfortunately we were in an elite bowling alley and we could not. Franco perspired, I hurt my lips from biting so much accumulating desire.
    Let's go to a telo, now, I can not stand another second. - He whispered in my ear as he bit my ear.
    But Fran What do we do with your friends? And with mine?
    I do not care, they look Free Live Sex Video for it. Now I only care about you.
    He accompanied me to the cloakroom to remove my jacket and we quietly left the bowling alley. On the way to the parking lot we were touching, honestly we could not stand it anymore. We got to the car and I pushed myself in front of him. He put himself behind my back and that hardness supported me. His hands clenched my strong breasts. I slid my head back leaving my neck at the mercy of his lips. I could feel the heat that we generated. He opened the back door and we got together. It was evident that we did not get to the telo, we were hungry, thirsty, Free Chat Porn desire, warm, all together. Two lions with sharp teeth, we were both prey. We were both the hunter.
    The first thing I did was to lower his pants, that inflamed member had been filling my mouth with water for weeks. I released a little stream of saliva on that head and made it mine. I put it in as far as I could from my throat. His hands held my curlers. In the semi-fogged glass, the shadow of my head could be seen rising and falling. He enjoyed playing with his tongue all over his mast. Franco pulled me away and out of breath said: "I need to catch you now."
    We changed positions and ended up under him,

    Free Chat Porn he took off my shoes and party clothes. I wanted to make sure she was wet enough so she slid two fingers over the surface of my pussy. It was swollen, it was not pink anymore it was fire red. Completely flooded. He spread my legs a little more and put his cock full. I felt it to the bottom of my cavity. With one arm to balance holding the seat and I scratched his back ... "Oh Fran, it hurts me wait" he begged with little breathing. But he seemed not to listen to me and the pressure increased. The stronger he entered and the more tingling he felt. For every time he named him in Sex Shows Live whispers he got more excited. My left leg that was half fallen between the seat and the ground, shuddered. The glass had completely fogged up and the car was moving like a tremor.
    I was about to finish when he took my neck with both hands and gave the last movements. I tilted my head back sobbing and I could see over the glass with steam the reflectors that illuminated the parking lot. That adrenaline of being in a public place made me come over his glans. Franco to witness that situation separated from me and ended instantly on my tits. His white nectar fell on my hard nipples. It had been the dullest moment of all. He dropped on me hugging us. We tried to catch our breath while stroking her hair.
    Do not ask me how we managed to position ourselves that comfortable in a car. The parking lot? We did not care After a while we got dressed and he took me to my house. I bathed to remove all this mixture of juices from my body and I went to bed to say that I had arrived safely. Maybe someone saw us, maybe the guards noticed it. We are not sure, but what if we both belong to each other and no matter the complications. We will always look for the way. Or fate will do it for us
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